Lessons are primarily held from my home in Rathdrum, from Children to Adults of all levels and abilities at competitive rates. The first lesson is FREE – this gives you and I a chance to get to know each other and find out what the prospective pupil would like to achieve through their lessons.

Students are welcomed into a warm and bright room which is an ideal area to learn and practice in. Mostly hosted in the evening time after schools have finished (though I am available to teach in the mornings if that is what suits you best). Lessons have a relaxed atmosphere and I promote the enjoyment and love of guitar foremost. Music is an enjoyable hobby which can be done privately at home or with your social group.

Children under 6 years old

I recommend taking Music Theory and Aural classes before starting an instrument. Guitar can be a difficult instrument to start with at such a young age and young kids can get very frustrated with their lack of progress though it would not be from a lack of effort or talent. Aural lessons train the ear to pick up musical phrases and dynamics – an important skill for musicians. Due to the time restraints of lessons many teachers leave this training out. Aural Awareness is a VITAL skill of any musician and understanding theory will greatly aid the student when they progress to their chosen instrument. You will impress any music teacher if you arrive with a well trained musical ear. Get in touch for 1 on 1 aural classes where we’ll play musical games and develop a musical mind!

7 year olds – 17 year olds

This is an ideal time for you to take up an instrument as you are still developing both mentally and physically (that won’t stop till your 25!). Starting to learn music during this stage allows for a large learning curve as you will pick things up more easily and be able to make those large stretches or unusual chords. Songs are chosen based on their level and musical tastes, students can choose their repertoire for the most part. Parents should take a keen interest in the learning process and encourage regular practice. I aim to have students practice 5 days out of the week (not including the lesson) for 10-15 minutes if they are beginners.

Adult Students

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, you are welcome! I will taylor the lesson to you, from songs to relevant technique. Songs will be left up to yourself to decide on, with suggestions for songs that will expand your skill set. Learning to play guitar is a worthwhile endeavour and a great way to relax after a busy day. It is always a pleasure to teach adult students and you are more than welcome to join me for lessons.

Special Needs

Students with Special Needs are welcome to attend lessons. Teaching in the WSAI(William’s Syndrome Association of Ireland) music camp for a number of years, I have gained valuable and memorable experiences which has influenced my teaching style. Lessons will focus on the enjoyment of music and learning to play. Like with my other students, these lessons will be tailored to each individual to include songs and musical games. Contact me to inquire about lessons in this area.

There are two main styles when I teach guitar: CLASSICAL or ACOUSTIC.

Classical Guitar, or fingerpicking/Spanish guitar can be more difficult to learn as it involves a lot of dexterity in your hands. The benefits that you can reap from studying classical guitar will help with other style and advancing to other studies in classical music. There are many songs in the classical guitar repertoire which you may recognise such as; Recuerdos and Cavatina(Deer Hunter). Acoustic is the most popular style to learn and is predominantly played on steel string guitars. This is mostly chordal playing and can initially take some time to gather momentum but once you manage basic chords you will find a large amount of songs available to you.

For rates and more details on classes please get in touch through my Contact page or if you are looking for details promptly please do not hesitate to contact my mobile: 0872638340.


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